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The enrollment process at UNED is done completely online. To enroll, you need a username and a password to access the UNED campus. You can obtain your username for the first time from the Identifier Securing System. If you have already studied with us but you do not remember it, we will help you to recover it.

From this same page you can enroll in any of the studies in our comprehensive academic offerings, which you will study through a unique blended learning methodology leader in our country.

You can also initiate the Degree Admission process, necessary only in the event of academic record transfer or simultaneity of studies from other Spanish universities, as well as the Pre-registration necessary to attend any official University Master’s Degree or a Doctorate Program.

If you have already attained higher education and want to request the credit recognition, we will accompany you throughout the process.

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Official Studies

EHEA Master's Degree

Master's Degree NEW students
The ordinary period is from May 22 to July 9, 2024
Pre-registration for the Master in Research in Industrial Technologies 2801 is from June 19 to July 31
Former Students in the Master's
As a new feature this academic year, it will not be necessary to pre-register, and students can enroll during the regular enrollment period, from July 4 to October 22.
From July 4 to October 22, 2024

EHEA Doctorate Program (RD 99/2011) - Doctoral School (EIDUNED)

NEW students: from June 1 to 30, 2024
From October 14 to November 15, 2024 for doctoral enrollment
Open year-round for doctoral thesis enrollment

Other UNED studies


From July 4 to October 22, 2024

Professional Formation and Ongoing Formation

Ongoing Formation Registration
Basic period: from September 5 to November 28, 2024
Extraordinary period (only for certain courses): until January 15, 2025

University Remote Language Center (CUID) Registration

Access to university

Access over 40 years old

From March 20 to April 22, 2025

Free Admission Test for adults aged between 25 and 45

From February 3 to March 18, 2025

Access Course for adults aged between 25 and 45

From July 4 to October 22, 2024

Accreditations for UNEDAsiss International Students

May/June Specific Competencies Tests (PCE) Period 2024: From February 26 to May 2
September Specific Competencies Tests (PCE) Period 2024: From July 1 to 22

Evaluation of Access to Universities of the Spanish Educational System in Ext. and Cidead

Period of Notice May/June 2024: from February 26 to May 2
Period of Notice September 2024: from July 1 to 22


Students cannot enroll in for acknowledgement of credits. Contact you Faculty/School.

Help to student

Our Student Help Center (CAE) offers all the general and contact information necessary to answer your questions.

Similarly, the UNED Orientation and Employment Center (COIE) offers resources and assistance for planning your enrollment, facilitating your entry into the job market, improving your employability, as well as aid to entrepreneurs.